K-12 Technology Workshops

CET Learning Services provides professional development in the use of classroom technologies and instructional strategies to K-12 school districts throughout our viewing area.


Educators can choose from the regularly scheduled workshops listed below, or work with CET to design on-site instruction for your staff.


CET is one of eight Educational Technology Agencies (EdTechs) in Ohio. To learn more about statewide educational technology efforts, please visit www.ohioedtechs.org

  • New for Summer! Makers and Shakers Educator Camp (3-day workshop) 
    The Makers and Shakers Educator Camp will offer a small group of 20 to 25 teacher leaders in southwestern Ohio the opportunity to connect their school initiatives with makerspaces and hands-on learning to the strategies and pedagogy of the educational maker movement. They will learn techniques and design projects, collaborate with colleagues, and return to their districts with working knowledge of hands-on learning approaches. The Camp will have its intellectual grounding in the work of maker movement educators Sylvia Martinez and Gary Steger, authors of Invent To Learn, a widely known work in the field of making and engineering in the classroom. Each camper will receive a copy of the new edition of the book, as well as access to CET’s video interviews with Ms. Martinez about hands-on learning and its connections to K-12 education, next generation science standards, design thinking, and pre-engineering instruction. In this workshop, you will: (1) Increase your enthusiasm for and understanding of hands-on learning strategies that bring making into the classroom, (2) Learn what a makerspace is and does, and how to create one in a school district, (3) Learn about the general pedagogy of making and hands-on learning, including early pioneers of the work, (4) Create a three part “Think-Make-Improve” hands-on learning project to replicate in your school district.

    Workshop length: fifteen hours; certificate provided. Cost: FREE! This is a 3-day workshop 10am-4pm each day.

  • New for 2019! The 3Ds of Learning: Creating Virtual Tours 
    For many educators, your first step into the worlds of virtual reality and 3D will be to create a virtual tour. It may be a virtual tour of the school campus or of a facility like a media center or library. For teachers, that first step could be creating a virtual field trip to an important site for their content area:  A visit to Egyptian pyramids, to a local historic site, to a music or arts performance perhaps. But what's involved in making such a virtual tour? In this workshop, you'll learn answers to these questions: What's the appropriate media to use for my topic? (eg, video, 360 degree video, panoramic stills, etc.); What tools and strategies can I use to create my field trip or tour? How do I get that tour out to my students?

    You'll finish the workshop with an actual rough draft of your virtual tour, ready to use with your students. Workshop length: three hours; certificate provided ($125).

  • Exploring New Worlds with Google Expeditions and Google Earth
    As internet technology increasing puts our maps, our neighborhoods, and even our physical locations on public display, educators will be wise to try out these enhanced tools from Google. This workshop allows you to mix and match these tools to conduct virtual field trips, author customized "smart" maps with your students, and much more. Participants will learn strategies for helping their students from all content areas get more involved with mapping and computing, in what the mapping company ESRI calls, "The Science of Where." Workshop length: three hours; certificate provided ($125).
  • Putting the Blend in Blended Learning Blended learning
    The integration of the online learning experience into a formal school environment. In a blended environment, teachers strive to provide the best of both worlds. Working online can allow students to take more or less time on a specific assignment/module as needed, work at their "just right" level of reading, or choose among a variety of modules that teach the same content in ways that serve different types of learners. Participants will learn about definition of blended learning, current research, models of blended learning and whether to purchase, curate or create their content. Workshop length: three hours, face-to-face or online; certificate provided ($125).
  • Learning for the Mobile Age 
    Districts throughout southwest Ohio are welcoming mobile technologies into their teaching practice - through one-to-one tablet and laptop experiments; through changing practices around students' own mobile devices; and through use of E-Books and cloud computing. These technologies bring enormous changes for teachers, administrators and technology coordinators. Learning for the Mobile Age is CET's response to the need for an introductory workshop that addresses some of the challenges brought on by mobile learning. CET develops Learning for the Mobile Age in three different formats: A five-hour face-to-face workshop, a blended learning format (first 1.5 hours in person, followed by online work) and a fully online format. Thanks to support from Ohio Department of Education, this workshop is now free of charge. (Free for public school employees; $125 for private school employees.) Workshop length: Five hours; certificate provided.
  • Learning to be Digital Citizens
    From using social media tools for education to monitoring your personal 'digital footprint,' digital citizenship is a challenging topic for teachers and students alike.  Now with extensive coverage of issues surrounding student data privacy, this workshop, in both fully online and blended-formats, revolves around nine topic areas in digital citizenship identified by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE).  Video case studies and interviews with national experts will complement discussions of important issues for teachers, administrators, staff, students and parents. Thanks to support from the Ohio Department of Education, employees of public schools may attend for free. The cost for employees of private schools is $125 per person.
  • Makers & Shakers: Making Things for Deeper Learning
    Building on a widespread movement toward using hands-on activities to cement learning new concepts, this workshop will guide you in developing your own classroom makerspace. Perfect for applied learning in science, mathematics and the arts, 'making' is also appropriate for projects in English language arts (think: story settings) and social studies (think: historical artifacts). Workshop length: three hours; certificate provided ($125). 
  • Introductory Computer Science for Grades K-5:
    CET offers Code.org's no-cost, one-day workshops for K-5 classroom teachers, media specialists and technology teachers interested in teaching computer science. Workshops will cover a special, highly interactive elementary curriculum and offer supplies needed to teach the courses. Participants will receive: • Printed curriculum guide • Classroom supplies for the unplugged lessons • Fun Code.org swag • Workshop length: six hours; certificate provided (FREE).
  • Introduction to Google Classroom
    Some call Google Classroom a course management system; some call it workflow management.  Whatever you call it, Google Classroom is another tool for teachers to use in delivering content for blended learning classes. Participants will learn how to get up and running with Classroom,  see examples of its use in different content areas and learning environments, and learn how to use it for delivering instruction, feedback and grading. Workshop length: three hours; certificate provided ($125).