K-12 Technology Workshops

CET Learning Services provides professional development in the use of classroom technologies and instructional strategies to K-12 school districts throughout our viewing area.


Educators can choose from the regularly scheduled workshops listed below, or work with CET to design on-site instruction for your staff.


CET is one of eight Educational Technology Agencies (EdTechs) in Ohio. To learn more about statewide educational technology efforts, please visit www.ohioedtechs.org

  • New for Fall! Computer Science Fundamentals Deep Dive Workshop
    This new workshop from partner Code.org will take a deep dive into course materials, teaching practices, and strategies for continuing to teach Computer Science (CS) Fundamentals. It’s intended for educators who have some prior experience teaching Code.org’s K-5 curriculum – either through attending the Computer Science Fundamentals Introductory workshop in the past or through teaching the curriculum on their own.

    At the end of the workshop, educators will have: • A plan for offering more of the CS Fundamentals course. • Strategies for addressing roadblocks to implementation, including any specific issues experienced in lessons taught thus far. • Ideas for fostering and developing a strong classroom rapport that nurtures learners of all types. • A deepened sense of community with CS Fundamentals teachers and a plan for keeping in touch with other teachers in the future.

    Workshop length: 6.5 contact hours (certificate provided) Cost: Free!

  • New for Summer! Makers and Shakers Educator Camp (3-day workshop) 
    The Makers and Shakers Educator Camp will offer a small group of 20 to 25 teacher leaders in southwestern Ohio the opportunity to connect their school initiatives with makerspaces and hands-on learning to the strategies and pedagogy of the educational maker movement. They will learn techniques and design projects, collaborate with colleagues, and return to their districts with working knowledge of hands-on learning approaches. The Camp will have its intellectual grounding in the work of maker movement educators Sylvia Martinez and Gary Steger, authors of Invent To Learn, a widely known work in the field of making and engineering in the classroom. Each camper will receive a copy of the new edition of the book, as well as access to CET’s video interviews with Ms. Martinez about hands-on learning and its connections to K-12 education, next generation science standards, design thinking, and pre-engineering instruction. In this workshop, you will: (1) Increase your enthusiasm for and understanding of hands-on learning strategies that bring making into the classroom, (2) Learn what a makerspace is and does, and how to create one in a school district, (3) Learn about the general pedagogy of making and hands-on learning, including early pioneers of the work, (4) Create a three part “Think-Make-Improve” hands-on learning project to replicate in your school district.

    Workshop length: fifteen hours; certificate provided. Cost: FREE! This is a 3-day workshop 10am-4pm each day.

    • RESGISTRATION CLOSED - Wed. July 31, 10am-4pm; Thurs. August 1, 10am-4pm; Fri. August 2, 10am-4pm
  • Introductory Computer Science for Grades K-5:
    CET offers Code.org's no-cost, one-day workshops for K-5 classroom teachers, media specialists and technology teachers interested in teaching computer science. Workshops will cover a special, highly interactive elementary curriculum and offer supplies needed to teach the courses. Participants will receive: • Printed curriculum guide • Classroom supplies for the unplugged lessons • Fun Code.org swag • Workshop length: six hours; certificate provided (FREE).